What to expect out of a home inspection in Richardson TX.

Hi my name is Eric Lundquist, a TREC licesened home inspector that was born and raised right here in Richardson. I’ve spent more than 30 years of my life living in this city. And I can’t say I’d rather be living somewhere else. There are so many great things about living in Richardson but, the ugly side of it is that our homes are aging! So, what’s that mean? It means that some home’s are kept up over the years and are in great condition. Some homes aren’t! Some homes have been let go over the years with many issues. Then when it comes time to sell a “make ready” handy man comes in and applies many “band aids”. That’s my job as a home inspector to detect these band aids. A home inspection report is way more than just a pass or fail for a house. It’s a list of negotiation factors when it comes to buying your home! Other than broken air conditioning, cracked foundations, and old roofs you might want to know things like where your water shut off is in case of a leak.

After all, when moved in. You want to be able to incorporate your new home into your daily routine as smoothly as possible. Having to deal with any major issues with a home after move in can put a permanent bad taste in your mouth about the home. You want to be able to have allowances at closing or fixed before. That’s the idea of having a inspection report to look at before hand. It’s your ammo don’t go without it! To learn more about what to expect out of a home inspection report in Richardson, Texas click here. Learn more.